A very moving poem

None of my words in today post but a beautiful poem posted by Gingerbread on their face book page . Its says more than I  ever could……….. enjoy

A poem on being a single parent by Gingerbread supporter and single mum, Tina Davenport.


Tonight I took a mirror,

for the first time I could see,

All the people that I am,

reflected back at me.

This woman,

just a face,

but in the eyes they tell a tale,
Of love that’s lost and things that I must be and never fail.
The mother and the father and the healer of young hearts,
Teaching them to fly again when lives were torn apart,
Creator of the safest place and catch them when they fall,
Working late into the night and juggling it all.
By day, the leader of a team, responsible by far.
Conference calls and meetings, rushed commuting in my car,
Fixing what is broken and supporting my own team,
Being full of energy, maintaining self-esteem.
Taxi driver, shopper, hamster-tamer, chef and nurse,
Expert plaster putter-on-er, world’s most active purse.
Choir singer, gym class shaper, life’s encyclopaedia,
Become the leading expert on xbox and social media.
But who am I, deep down if I can strip those things away?
How do I stay strong inside and keep the fears at bay.
A worker and a single parent trying to make ends meet,
Never giving in and never can admit defeat.
A singer and an artist, I am passionate inside,
I’m strong and I am fearless and I wear myself with pride.
All colours of the rainbow, I am all I need to be,
Though I could use a break sometimes and p’raps a cuppa tea.

I’m the sailor of my heart, and my ship is straight and true,
Steer my heart to shore but on my own, without a crew,
I’m love and I am peaceful with my babes held in my care,
Although it’s not how I had planned, a love that should be shared.
I may be on my own but I sing bold and strong and true,
So special are these boys and all these precious things I do.
I may not do it perfect but “just good enough”’s just right,
Oh …..time to put my kids to bed and give a kiss goodnight.
If you know a single parent, forward this on to them.
And tell them they are special and then tell them that again.
Their lives will be unnoticed in the busy world they live,
Their tiredness kept behind closed doors with all they have they give.

They give their loved ones, by themselves, the place that they call home.
Expecting nothing in return, each day they work alone.
But precious is the closeness, that they share from being together,
Their children’s love is endless, that will last each day forever.
Tina Davenport