After a ‘hellova’ day……………

After a hell of a day………. I decided to start a blog!

An odd reaction perhaps, but maybe the world will be interested in life as I see it!

So, I’m a single mum (who’d have guessed!), probably older than most, with a six year old son, Buddy.  Buddy is obviously not his real name, poor fella, just what I call him most of the time.

I work, I also claim benefits and often there is too much month left at the end of the money. This is not a ‘poverty blog’, but that’s just a fact of our (and many other families) lives.

Cornish born and bred I’m passionate about Kernow, and I live in council housing in one of the poorest towns in the county, and therefore probably the UK.

I regularly upset people without actually meaning to, but i’m less concerned about this as I get older. I put this down to dementia.

Disorganised, often looking like I’ve been through a hedge backwards,  I could do with loosing some lard, catching up on the paperwork and  cleaning the bathroom, so you could hardly call me a supermum.

My little buddy is my boy. I can’t say anything different to any other Mum. I love him beyond reason, he drives me to distraction, he always mis-matches his pajamas just because he can.

Our day today has been busy to say the least. I had to work early this morning and Buddy had a birthday party this afternoon, lovely for him, and he had a great time, but it was at one of those play places that’s all uncomfortable chairs , loud music and echoing screams. Headache inducing.

Lego was his main concern this evening, that and the fact that I had packed matching pajamas for him to take to his Grandmas. Grandma is, of course, astonished that I let him mix up his jammies, but quirky is as quirky does and Pj’s are not worth fighting over.

I also managed to get my self unfriended by 3 people on Facebook. I didn’t intend to, I’m just lucky like that.  My problem with it is that I just forget to fake everything!  Its amazing  any friends stay on my list  and I suspect the few that remain are only there to see what unintentional offence I will cause next. It’s so quick to publish a post while you are chuckling about something. Religion was my ‘foot in mouth’ topic of the day . There is nothing like a hot potato, and there is nothing worse than an inadvertent hot potato chucked  into a church. I’d probably have fared better if I had taken a real potato and lobbed it into one, it would have upset fewer people.

Oh well I’m three down, but they probably match their pajamas.

Sing xx